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I am unemployed on purpose.

To be clear: I left a job that I loved because I was worried that someday I would stop loving it. I knew I wouldn’t stay there forever, and I wanted to be able to look back on that season of my life with fondness and gratitude, not bitterness. The timing was right, so I can do that now: I am immensely grateful.

So now I’m unemployed, and I have been for nearly two months. On purpose though. As of this writing, I haven’t even seriously looked for a new job.

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A stitch in time save nine

While most people are enjoying themselves at the bar, home or beach some are being dragged out and rushed to the hospital due to reckless driving at ajako bus stop in Sasha area of Lagos state.


was a very intelligent girl who had lots of aspirations, dreams and hopes but those dreams and aspirations became awry and vanished  immediately Sylvia lost her parents through a ghastly motor accident.
Her uncle who is supposed to be her guardian got her pregnant (incest) and his wife drove Sylvia out of the house. She lost her track after giving birth to her baby. She could not complete her secondary education due to shame and lack of finance. From the year 2010 to the year 2014 Sylvia has given birth to two more babies from different fathers. Everyday of her life she lives with emptiness, regret and shame. I know that most of us will overlook  this story and use these words ” wetin concern me, na her life” but it concerns all of us, if we leave Sylvia to her fate what kind of children will she bring up ?and don’t you think those kids will meet with your own kids tomorrow?
  This is where the Bergers’ Home take up every responsibility to save both teens mother and child like Sylvia to save our future generation from further harm